June 1921 – the team assemble – Part 2

George Vibert Douglas (29) – Geologist. Canadian Douglas, a McGill University student who interrupted his studies to fight in the War, receiving the Military Cross, completed his BSc in 1920. He has just received his MSc, also from McGill. He

June 1921 – the team assemble – Part 1

Frank Wild (48) : Second-in-Command on the Quest, as he was on the Endurance expedition. In 1921 he is a decorated veteran of four Antarctic expeditions and trusted ally of Shackleton. He answers Shackleton’s call and returns from Nyasaland

2 June 1921

Thursday 2 June 1921

At a dinner at the Savoy Restaurant, London, the menu is signed by Ernest Shackleton, John Quiller Rowett, Frank Wild, Joseph Stenhouse, Frank Worsley, Lee Keedick, Leonard Hussey, Lewis Rickinson, Northrup McMillan, Percy Wallace and