22-31 August, 1921

Monday 22 August, 1921

Because of the enormous public and media curiosity, Quest moves from Hay’s Wharf to St Katharine Docks, where she can be more easily and safely viewed by the public.  The Evening News reports a policeman on

17-21 August, 1921

Wednesday 17 August, 1921

The selection panel takes place at Scout Head Quarters at 25 Buckingham Palace Road, London,

Shackleton is assisted in the selection process by Major Wade, Organising Secretary of the Scout Association, and Sir Percy Everett. 


9-16 August, 1921

Saturday 13 August 1921

At Southampton, a lunch is held on board RMS Aquitania, attended by, amongst others, Shackleton, John Rowett, Wild, Jeffrey, Kerr, Macklin, Rickinson, Eriksen and Captain W Bridgland, the Channel Pilot. The Daily Mail (15 August)

1-8 August, 1921

John Charles Bee-Mason (47) joins the expedition team. Cinematographer and Assistant Naturalist. Originally J C Mason, he changed his name to Bee Mason after success making films about bee-keeping. He was a photographer during the war and he is a