26-31 October, 1921 – Cape Verde Islands

Wednesday 26 October, 1921

In the afternoon, Quest arrives at St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands and sets about coaling.

Quest at St Vincent, lying next to an 80 year old whaler

Wilkins writes to his mother: “Owing to the ship

20-25 October, 1921

Thursday 20 October, 1921

Quest’s engines are knocking badly again. There is much debate as to what to do.

Friday 21 October, 1921

8 am: Quest is passed by the Royal Mail ship RMSP Araguaya, a few hundred miles

12-19 October, 1921 – Madeira

Wednesday 12 October, 1921

Not long after leaving Lisbon, the knocking of the engines begins again. More bad weather. Almost everyone is suffering from seasickness.

Thursday 13 October, 1921

Still rough seas and Quest rolls so much that it is

8-11 October, 1921

Saturday 8 October, 1921

J C Bee Mason, in place of Sir Ernest Shackleton, gives a lecture describing the expedition to the Portuguese Boy Scouts Association.

In the evening a dinner is given in honour of Sir Ernest Shackleton by

1-7 October, 1921

Saturday 1 October, 1921

With a gale getting up, Quest lays up with the engines stopped, but they are soon restarted to better ride the storm. Lysaght writes in his diary: “The seas were now mountainous and the biggest I