28 – 31 December, 1921

Wednesday 28 December, 1921

At 07.20, still in atrocious conditions, Quest heaves to and all hands take in the sail. Dell gets a foot caught in a rope and suffers a nasty injury. Oil bags are deployed to calm the

24-27 December, 1921

Saturday 24 December, 1921 – Christmas Eve

At 8 am, in 40 ft waves, with the engines still giving trouble, the ship is turned to head the storm and Shackleton orders the helm to be lashed. Oil-containing gunny bags are

19 – 23 December 1921

Soon after leaving Rio, Shackleton complains of severe neuralgic pains in the chest and back but resists suggestions to return for medical treatment. He begins an ‘uncharacteristic practice’ of taking champagne in the mornings.

Monday 19 December, 1921

Shackleton transmits

16-18 December 1921 – Rio & South Georgia

Friday 16 December, 1921

Gerald Lysaght, “the General” to the Quest crew, is back in England after leaving the expedition at St Vincent in the Cape Verde Islands on 28 October. Today he arrives at Ely Place to spend the

8-15 December 1921, Rio & South Georgia

Thursday 8 December, 1921

The Woodville, carrying Douglas and Wilkins reaches South Georgia and docks at Port Olav Harbour, the Lever Bros whaling station, with assistance from Captain Lars Andersen (“catch” manager). Once on shore they meet Mr B

4-7 December 1921, Rio

Sunday 4 December, 1921

Sir Alfred Yarrow, the shipbuilding magnate, invites Shackleton to lunch at the Club Central this coming Wednesday, 7 December.  Sir Alfred has only very recently arrived from England on RMSP Avon, which departed Southampton on

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Summer 1921 – Sir Ernest and Lady Shackleton, at Ely Place, Frant, the home of John Quiller Rowett

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