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Summer 1921 – Sir Ernest and Lady Shackleton, at Ely Place, Frant, the home of John Quiller Rowett

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22-26 November 1921, Rio

Tuesday 22 November, 1921

After a beautiful sunrise, Quest arrives at Rio de Janeiro. Engineers from Messrs Wilson, Sons &Co come aboard to inspect the vessel. Most of the crew are billeted on shore.

Wednesday 23 November, 1921

Sir John

9-21 November, 1921

After the visit to St Paul’s Rocks on Tuesday 8 November, instead of heading to Cape Town as originally planned, Quest is now en route to Rio de Janeiro for further repairs. The engines are playing up again. Added to

8 November, 1921 – St Paul’s Rocks

Tuesday 8 November, 1921

Quest stops at St Paul’s Rocks, at the equator. Wilkins and Douglas make the most of the opportunity to investigate the rocks and wildlife. Wilkins is assisted by Marr and Dell, and Douglas by Hussey and

1-7 November, 1921

The Quest is now en route to Rio. The weather has become very warm and and conditions below deck are uncomfortable so the crew spend time whenever possible under shade on deck.

Friday 4 November, 1921

At midday, Eriksen lands

26-31 October, 1921 – Cape Verde Islands

Wednesday 26 October, 1921

In the afternoon, Quest arrives at St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands and sets about coaling.

Quest at St Vincent, lying next to an 80 year old whaler

Wilkins writes to his mother: “Owing to the ship

20-25 October, 1921

Thursday 20 October, 1921

Quest’s engines are knocking badly again. There is much debate as to what to do.

Friday 21 October, 1921

8 am: Quest is passed by the Royal Mail ship RMSP Araguaya, a few hundred miles

1-7 October, 1921

Saturday 1 October, 1921

With a gale getting up, Quest lays up with the engines stopped, but they are soon restarted to better ride the storm. Lysaght writes in his diary: “The seas were now mountainous and the biggest I

Plymouth, 23 September, 1921

Friday 23 September, 1921

Quest arrives at Plymouth and slowly crosses the Sound, pausing at Drake Island. She eventually ties up at the West Wharf of the Great Western Millbay Docks.

3.00 pm: Shackleton and John Rowett arrive at

Saturday 17 September, 1921

Saturday 17 September, 1921 – the day of departure

On the Quest, at St Katharine Docks, the Union Jack presented by The King and Queen is hoisted by Scouts Marr and Mooney, watched by John Quiller Rowett. At 12.30