10-16 September, 1921

Saturday 10 September, 1921

Donald Maxwell, artist, author and yachting correspondent writes in The Graphic “The organisers of the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition are to be congratulated on their splendid spirit and enterprise. ……..to misquote from an old and popular song….They’ve got

1-9 September, 1921

(Contrary to certain legend) Quest is well equipped with a wide range of the latest scientific equipment – particularly for meteorology, topographical and hydrographical surveying, biological specimen collection and geology. This in addition to modern navigational equipment and sounding gear,

17-21 August, 1921

Wednesday 17 August, 1921

The selection panel takes place at Scout Head Quarters at 25 Buckingham Palace Road, London,

Shackleton is assisted in the selection process by Major Wade, Organising Secretary of the Scout Association, and Sir Percy Everett. 


1-8 August, 1921

John Charles Bee-Mason (47) joins the expedition team. Cinematographer and Assistant Naturalist. Originally J C Mason, he changed his name to Bee Mason after success making films about bee-keeping. He was a photographer during the war and he is a

July 1-15, 1921

Tuesday 5 July, 1921

Ernest Shackleton attends Summer Court Dinner at the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers, where John Quiller Rowett is Master. Note reference to John Rowett’s nickname “Jules”.  In their circles with Shackleton, John Rowett’s wife Ellie is often

June 1921 – the team assemble – Part 2

George Vibert Douglas (29) – Geologist. Canadian Douglas, a McGill University student who interrupted his studies to fight in the War, receiving the Military Cross, completed his BSc in 1920. He has just received his MSc, also from McGill. He

June 1921 – the team assemble – Part 1

Frank Wild (48) : Second-in-Command on the Quest, as he was on the Endurance expedition. In 1921 he is a decorated veteran of four Antarctic expeditions and trusted ally of Shackleton. He answers Shackleton’s call and returns from Nyasaland

April 1921 (ii)

Monday 18 April 1921

Shackleton returns from his latest trip to Canada, arriving at Southampton on RMS Aquitania. At this time, his home is at 14 Milnthorpe Road, Eastbourne, where Emily Shackleton is District Commissioner of the Eastbourne Girl

The beginning

While teenagers at school at Dulwich College in the 1890’s, Ernest Shackleton meets John Quiller Rowett. Although not in the same year, they walk the same route to school and exchange notes on homework.

In 1911, John Rowett provides Shackleton

Prince Olav Harbour whaling station, South Georgia, 1922 – from a photograph by George Hubert Wilkins