April 1921 (ii)

Monday 18 April 1921

Shackleton returns from his latest trip to Canada, arriving at Southampton on RMS Aquitania. At this time, his home is at 14 Milnthorpe Road, Eastbourne, where Emily Shackleton is District Commissioner of the Eastbourne Girl

Early April 1921

On Saturday 2 April, Shackleton arrives in New York City on RMS Mauretania, to travel onwards to Canada, in another attempt to secure funding for the Arctic expedition.

Quest is being refitted at the JI Thornycroft yards at

1921 January – March

In January 1921,  Shackleton acquires a 4-year-old Norwegian sealer, Foca 1. The ship is especially suitable for Arctic sea conditions. It is renamed Quest at Emily Shackleton’s suggestion.  It is 125 feet long and 204 tons (gross tonnage). 


The beginning

While teenagers at school at Dulwich College in the 1890’s, Ernest Shackleton meets John Quiller Rowett. Although not in the same year, they walk the same route to school and exchange notes on homework.

In 1911, John Rowett provides Shackleton

Prince Olav Harbour whaling station, South Georgia, 1922 – from a photograph by George Hubert Wilkins

Coming Soon!

Starting from April 2021 we will be recounting the events of the Shackleton-Rowett (Quest) Expedition of 1921-1922 as if it was happening in real time. Tweets here at @QuestChronicle

Quest at St. Katharine Docks September 1921