First edition due in September 2022

The Quest Chronicle blog and its origins
In early 2021, it was suggested that I set up a blog to document the “100-years-ago” story of the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition as an unfolding diary.  The blog launched in March 2021 and ran though the year up to January 4 2022, the eve of the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s death at South Georgia.   By this time, I had decided that the story should be presented in a book and so transferred efforts to that cause – resulting in The Quest Chronicle being published in September 2022.  This part of our website contains just some of the posts from the original blog.

Blog posts are listed below in reverse chronological order.

Jan Chojecki

  • 24-27 December, 1921

    Saturday 24 December, 1921 – Christmas Eve At 8 am, in 40 ft waves, with the engines still giving trouble, the ship is turned to head the storm and Shackleton orders the helm to be lashed. Oil-containing gunny bags are deployed to calm the seas. Everyone and everything is completely soaked. Carr is injured with […]

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  • 19 – 23 December 1921

    Soon after leaving Rio, Shackleton complains of severe neuralgic pains in the chest and back but resists suggestions to return for medical treatment. He begins an ‘uncharacteristic practice’ of taking champagne in the mornings. Monday 19 December, 1921 Shackleton transmits via Rio: Our engines are running perfectly. There is a fair wind. All well and […]

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  • 16-18 December 1921 – Rio & South Georgia

    Friday 16 December, 1921 Gerald Lysaght, “the General” to the Quest crew, is back in England after leaving the expedition at St Vincent in the Cape Verde Islands on 28 October. Today he arrives at Ely Place to spend the weekend with the Rowetts. In Rio de Janeiro, Shackleton swelters as final repairs are done […]

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